Beacon Hill Park, in Victoria BC, is one of the nicest city parks anywhere. With an economy in tatters, the unemployed who can't afford rent have begun camping in the park. It isn't illegal, but it is regulated to some extent by the city. Many citizens told me they do not feel safe walking through the park, but when I spoke with two couples who were living in their tents, in two separate locations, they were respectful and had tidy campsites. Waste is a problem: there aren't many public washrooms, nor sources of potable water. 

A couple practice Tai Chi. They aren't campers. 

He has visited the park "every day of the year."

"Been here for longer than I remember. We aren't allowed to cook." He was eating frozen yogurt. 

Last of this series of tenters in Beacon Hill Park. 

Headlights illuminate a marsh near the Iona Island waste treatment plant, which is also a bird sanctuary. 

"First they burned the cities, then they came after us (3-11-20)"

Rock piles at the far end of the spit, Iona Island. 

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