Alison and Lola

The other day I was able to leave work early, and walked up Commercial Drive in Vancouver, where I saw this woman coming toward me carrying a shivering chihuahua. I asked if I could shoot a portrait of them. 

“It’s her first day in Canada,” Alison told me. “She’s a rescue from Mexico and I just picked her up.” These photographs are the first she has of her new best friend. Alison later wrote me, after I’d sent her the images, “These photos are amazing and I truly appreciate it and love them. Such a nice gift you captured on one of the greatest days of my life.”

She hadn’t named the dog when we met, but said she was considering Lolita or Lola. I thought Lola the better name, there’s the Kinks song, there’s that great action movie, Run Lola, Run. 

Lola it is. Welcome to Vancouver, little one. 

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