FotoFilmic workshop

This fall I joined a ten other photographers in a workshop led by UK-based Simon Norfolk. It was originally intended to be an in-person class located on Bowen Island, which is a twenty-minute ferry ride from Vancouver. But the pandemic…you know. Because it migrated to being online, FotoFilmic, using Zoom, provided a great experience as photographers from London, Portland Oregon, Macau, and other cities interacted with one another. In addition to the fascinating conversations and lectures, each of us got an exclusive half-hour consultation on our future direction with him. 

And our conversations continue, after the workshop ended. 

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Simon Norfolk’s work:


In the 1970’s the Airstream company built the Argosy model trailer, which predates the classic and valuable unpainted aluminum trailers we’re more likely to see on North American highways. I’ve always wanted an Airstream. First, though, I’d have to get a car…


Between the city of Vancouver and the weird, unrepresented area known as the University Endowment Lands, home to UBC, is Pacific Spirit Park, an 800 hectare urban forest. Dog walkers, runners, cyclists, teachers introducing children to forest ecology, a place to breathe and recover some equilibrium.  

The notches you’ll find on the trunks of old growth trees were for springboards, basically a small “diving board” jammed into a notch that allowed a logger to saw the tree above its thicker (and less valuable) base. 

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